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Thursday, 30 May 2019

FRESH HIT - SOUND OF VICTORY - Xtian Praiz @Xtian Praiz

We live in a world filled with condemnation that most people don't know there identity. Yes, you've had a rough past, bad record, but there is a sound for you today, that's the sound of victory, saying, as long as you are in Christ, You are Free, Redeemed and Justified.

This is my birthday gift to you all, "SOUND OF VICTORY"


Have been captured and nurtured
I'm really not the same
I hear the sound, yea it's fallen
I see the broken chains
I feel relieved with your peace
Through the precious life he gave
Yes I'm free, He set me free
And grabbed me closely to his shade

This is a new phase of my life
And I'm proud of it
General in God's vineyard, yeah I'm part of it
I come from a lineage of Kings, I'm a royal priest
You tell me otherwise, I know who my father is

And have been raised to do this
To some I'm looking stupid
And people think I lost my mind
I think they're right, Oh Glory
I'm Unashamed to say this
That Jesus saves with no bills
So give him all of you
and be a part of something new

I was lost but now it's not the same
I've been changed since I proclaimed
Jesus Christ to be my savior
Now I keep on winning no matter what I'm aiming for
like the walls of Jericho
My mountains hit the ground
They fall like dominoes
when I shout, Sound of Victory

It doesn't matter who you are
Regardless of the life you lived
His love is patient and calm
You can come just the way you are
Come with nothing in your hands
free, your bills has been met
Lift, the banner of Victory, He cleared up the debt

I got a life I don't deserve
Old life has been buried, a new life I have
I tried to run away, it's me that you dragged
You captured and nurtured, you took off the rag

The Chains has been broken
I'm free from the cave
and the shackles destroyed
I'm no longer enslaved
I'm so furious and fearless
I'm Unashamed to tell the world
that I was saved by his grace, Yea!
Xtian Praiz
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge 1: Oh oh That's the sound of Victory (X4) Bridge2: Victory is ours let the world hear it And I will spread the message I will never shut up (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Bridge1) (Voice): I think, most times, we feel we have to fight the battles by ourselves, The battle of depression, battle of fear, battle of addictions Hey, The only fit state in which you can come to Christ is that of abandoning the idea of helping Christ fight your battles, coming in all your natural brokenness and taking Christ to be your all in all. The battle has been won for you, you just have to come and proclaim your victory.

1 comment:

  1. This song is soul lifting, it's no ordinary jam...i love 'em!! Xtian Praiz is real.


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