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Sunday, 18 November 2018


I thought  trees were my brother.. said terfa to him self, cause when I sit under Dem lamenting my sorrows under deir shade ... they will swing  deir branches and I believe the we're de only one who could understand my pain.
My father died the day I was born. I don’t believe in ghosts or anything, but I think I could adjust to the idea pretty quickly; that’s what it felt like only hearing about someone that helped make you. 7years later, my mother dies too. I only saw faces who looked like mine on mum's burial..heard promises which were sweet as candy but when I think of  them not being fullfied it soaks like poisnous vernom into my veins.of all  this I was not allowed to drink water in my broken jar I was accused of sending my makers (parents) to deir early graves,was not sent to school,no health care the  parking store was now my bed room with it's leaking ceiling which will give me dropping water tones every rainy night…
Terfa cried one lonely night  and said I did not ask for this but I accept mum..,dad you left me in a world were pain is my laughter…sorrow is my joy..my day have turned to night why bring me into de cruel world and he slept off…
Early that morning terfa woke up with a bucket of water been splash on him by his anty as an anniversary gift (this was one year of terfa mother's death) he cried only wishing his mother was alive on his way to de stream he stopped and then cut some suicide herbs which he took crying  and shouted mother the "tears and pain" is too much  for me to bear and going under de mango tree who he called brothers he died.
Most of us begin our lives with tears. The child is not taken from the womb without tears. A man’s life is a perpetual happening of tears. For some men death is more full of tears than birth. We leave a trail of tears behind us throughout our lives. As children we enter the world with tears, paving the way for what will be a long trail of tears.   There are different kinds of tears,  Those of laughter and those of sorrow,  Those of anger and those of mourning.   Mourning the loved that we have lost through death causes us a great deal of tears.  The gentle memories of the past stir emotions within us, the absence of a child, the long night alone because wife or husband has departed. So many of us cannot get past the reality of life, the cruel thorns that curse our brow with sweat, the injustice of murder and the treachery of rape. Crime is ever rampant in our cities, is the cause of tears.   I whish to tell my audience today that it is ok to cry, ok to have tears; there is nothing wrong with tears. Of course, there is something very wrong with tears of anger, or tears of frustration, none of these tears bring glory to God they are selfish tears. If we are cognizant, aware of the reality of life (which is full of irreparable happenings and choices) then we will have our share of tears.   The minister’s tears are often good tears just so long as they are not shed for himself, but for others.   For much of us life has turned out to be a grave disappointment, a dark and consistent trail of tears. We often wonder about the presence of God in the midst of our tears. Does our good Father care about our tears? If he doesn’t can we still call Him good? I think you will find by the end of my words that God cares very much about tears. Children  ask  themselves  if  their  pare nt's  care about their  tears,  and  the  wounded child  soon  seeks  his  father's  arms,  longing  for  comfort  and  embrace.  However,  there are times  when  the  father  has  need of  his  child's  tears,  there are  times  when  tears  mature  us. That is,  they  do us  good not  har m. Not  all  of  us  grew  up  in  godly  homes  were  parents  would  embraced us  and dry our  tears.  Some  of  us  where  born  into  the  world  without the  presence  of  a  father, others without the caring  presence  of  a  mother,  and  then  there are  the cases  where  it  would ha ve been better for  there  not to have  been  a  father  or  mother. No  matter  how we  started out  our  trail  of  tears,  the  important thing  to know  is  that it  has started  and  that it must  end. Yet it  cannot  end  for  the  man  without  Christ.  The  man without  Christ  c annot  partake  of  the comforts  of  Christ.  At last  when  the  long  night  of humanity  is  over  and  the children  gather  around  their  Fathers  throne,  then  we  will  see  the bright  day  were comfort  emerges.  We are  here  now  and  cannot  remove  ourselves  from the  prese nt to  rewrite  the past.  What is  present must  be  faced  as  reality,  what is  past must  be  remembered  in memory, but let the  past  better  direct  us  into  the  light  of  the  future.  Does  God  care about  our  tears?  A  question  many  suffering  souls  are  sure  to utter under  their  quiet trembling  breath. I  think my  text is  a  good  indication  that  He  does.  Not  only  does  God  care about our  tears, but  He  often  asks  for  our  tears.  Tears  are  often  sweeter  to  the  Father  than  many echoes  of  laughter  that  soon  cause  the child to  forget  his  home.  The  wayward  and distant prodigal  rejoices  in his  emancipation, but is soon  full  of  sorrow,  eating  the  sop of  pigs. We  must then  turn home.  A  merry  heart is  quick  to  take  laughter for  granted, but  a  heavy heart  stays  close  to  the comfor ts  of  home.     Perhaps,  there are  some  of  you  that  feel  you have  had  more  than  enough  tears; enough  tears  to  fill two  lifetimes,  your  eyes strain  to produce  one  more  drop  that  you  may ease  the  misery  of  your  broken heart.  As  far  as  I  can  tell,  men do no t  naturally  want tears (unless  of  course  we  mean  tears  of  joy).  No  man has  yet  objected  to his  own happiness. In  every  age  tears  of  sorrow  are  more common  than  tears  of  joy, but it  will  not  always  be this  way. Moses  saw  the  tears  of  men  as  they  lab ored under  the  hot  sun…  the  lash of  a  whip  against  flesh…sweat that  burns  the eyes  and drains  the  bodies  fluid,  all this  for the  oppressor.  Most  of  us  have  our  own oppressors,  are  troubled by  the confusion of  our minds, burdened by  the  weight  of  our  sin  an d haunted by  the  reality  of  our failures.   that death  is  better  than  tears.  Life  is so void of  comfort  for  many  men  that it  where  better  if they  had not  been.  But  we are,  and pouting  will  not  undo  the  lashing whip of  our oppressor. Tears  must  be  heard  in  this  life and  the  man  without tears  is  not involved  in  life. Situations  in  life call  for  tears  and only  a cold heart is  void of  tears.  Mockers shed no tears  because  they  know  nothing  of  tears. But then  ag ain,  we  must  never forget that life  is  not  about  what  we  want.  Surly,  if that  was  the case  there  would be  no  tears.  So  what is  life about if  it is  not  about man  and his  desires? Life  is  about the  Will  and  Works  of  the  Master.  Man  cries  out that life  is futile, painful  and unfair,  that  death  is  a  virtue and  longevity  a curse;  but  who  is  man  to  tamper with  life?  Who  is  man  to  shout that  he  knows  better  than  God?  Who  is  man  to  ask his Maker  why?  God  is  not  evil  He  is  good;  God  is  not  responsible  for  evi l,  that is  the  product  of man's  action.  If  the  Master  says  that  we are  responsible  for  sin  then  we are, not  because man  is  the  source  of  all things  but  because  God has  decreed  that man  is  responsible  for sin.  I  do not  need  any  other reason beyond  this,  if the  Master  tells  me  that  I  am  vile  then that is  what  I  am. Life  has  always  been  about  what  God  wants; man  always  tries  to  center  life  on what  he  wants.  I  am  afraid  that much of  our  problems  arise  from trying  to  fight  off  God's will  for  our  lives.  Sovereig nty  is  only  tyrannical  when  it is  divorced  from love; Providence  is  only  dreadful  when  it is  divorced  from  goodness.  But  God  is  not  a  tyrant nor  is  He a  devil  He  is  a  kind  Father full  of  love  for  His  children.  It is so  easy  to  forget that  Sovereignty  is  fu sed  with  love,  that  Providence  is  permeated  with  good. We are  small  children,  limited  in  all  our  capacity  to understand, but the  Master does  not  forget that  we are  of  the  dust;  He  remembers  the  fragile  form  of  our frail  frame. History  is  full  of  tears,  fu ll  of  wicked  acts  and painful loss.  Each  man  sitting  in  my audience  will  probably  have a  whole  list  of  aching  memories  that  swell  up  from the  depth of  his  heart.  Emotion  is  only  a  bad  thing  when  it is severed  from  reality,  when  it  gets  in the  way  of  authen tic  Godcentered  worship. If  you  will  ask  me,  if  it is  wrong  to  cry  when  your  child's  crib has  turned  cold;  I must  say,  if  you  are  not  willing  to  shed  a  tear  at  such  loss  as  infant  death  then  you  are cold blooded,  infected  with  the  heart  of  a  sucide bomber   N weep  into  the  darkness  of  the  night. o,  you  must  often  weep on  and Any  man  who  tries  to  minimize  the  sorrow  of  our  satiation under  the  sun doesn't embrace  reality, but invents some  delusion of  the  mind by  which he  might  escape  reality. Do not  flee  from  wh at is  real;  do not  stop  the  moist  fountains  because  you  would  make your  heart  bleed  cold.  God  will  have  our  tears,  those  of  joy  as  well  as  those  of  sorrow. 
Man desires to be free of tears and in this his desires are true. I do not think it is possible for a perfect man in a sinless world to shed a tear of pain. In my text we are told that a time is coming when “previous things” will “pass away.” What does my text mean by “previous things?” To get that information we must view its context:    “Every tear. Death will exist no longer. Grief, crying and pain.”  The Master knows our situation far better than we know our situation. That is, God is aware of the former things that fill the earth; that permeate life with disdain.  At the time my  text was written it is looking back upon the present. We live in the former things (previous things), you and I cannot escape their clutch; at least not yet. My text does not tell us that every tear must be the result of physical sickness or mental pain. No, the reasons for our tears are so many that we cannot exhaust them in my  text. The general reason for tears is sin. In a perfect world a perfect man will not weep. We know this because our text speaks of the glories of what is coming, and what is coming is perfection.   Man is not able to dry his own tears only God can do that.  Man is not able to make God dry his tears only love can do that.  So darkness will never expel darkness only light can do that.   The joy of Everyman is that God is willing to wipe away each tear; even better, God has promised that He will wipe away each tear. God will never falter on that promise, and it is a sure light for the Christian’s soul. A promise can do much for a wounded child. A simple kiss, touch of the cheek and warm embrace ensure the child that he is not alone. Little ones are known to bury their face in their father’s arms and dry their tears. In this same way we are welcome to come to our Heavenly Father.  Let us exhaust our hearts in prayer. Let us bow weeping before the Master. We must learn that sorrow will be with us through the night, But joy must return in the morning. Bury your heart in the Master’s care. Stand on each promise until it blossoms like a rose, Welcomes your embrace- that its sweet fragrance might replenish your life.  Because my text is to be fulfilled in the future, when it speaks of “the previous things” or “former things” it speaks of the things that are now. Tears are a reality that is part of the present, but they do not have longevity, death is often considered to be master of life, but death has no sting in eternity. Grief rides ever close to our breast, but joy will soon replace it. Pain torments the body and fills life with sorrow, but pain will soon be crippled forever that it can cripple no more. When God makes a thing to pass away it does so forever. No man can undo what God has done.  The devil cannot pinch our hearts in eternity; tears will not flow in heaven as they flow on earth. The cold springs of sorrow must soon be dried up. For now, if we must weep, let us not forget that tears are temporal; let us not regret the privilege of life. We will find strength to fly beyond these fountains of sorrow so long as we view life through unflinching eyes gazed at eternity.  We will leave a trail of tears on our way to heaven. The fool will do so to his own peril, and will find that tears of the present where minor droplets compared to the rivers that hell will unleash in eternity. Hell will never cease in her tears and many men must go there. But if there is still life and breath, do not defer to come to Christ, there is hope while you live.   Our lord often found occasion to weep; and when He wept He wept Holy tears, tears that pleased the Father. Christ didn’t weep for that He was a sinner, but that men where lost, that men where dead in sin. Death is the natural outworking of sin and sorrow is the outworking of death. Pain must reign for a season; until that season is passed and the blossoms of salvation take bloom in eternity transcending death through the power of life. Such is the extent, power and glory of Christ’s atonement for sin. He will leave behind none that He suffered to redeem!    A final word regarding our tears:  A man is not without hope in this life. Though men will suffer and tears must flow like swift streams in time, we must not consent to sorrow, but learn to trample it down under hope in the cross.  Despair is a natural product of life and the atheist has it without remedy. For the Christian, sorrow is only one small sliver that must be plucked at the gates of eternity.   Though you will find occasion to cry, you must not lose sight of eternity.   Weep on if you are heavy, but do not weep without hope!  Weep on if you are afflicted, but do not think your affliction is in vain!  Weep on if you are mourning, but do not think that God ignores your tears!  Yes, weep if you must poor pilgrim, there is no shame in tears!   The promises of the beatitudes tell us that God is watching, they inform us that He cares. 
Scipted by brainchild
I want to bless God for de inspiration
My parents ,
My director lil mizzy (blood banker)
Team gospelhintz …
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