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Thursday, 18 October 2018

[Artist Profile]: Meet "MJ Klan" Gospel Duo All The Way From Cameroon

Gospel Duo-MJ Klan
Among Cameroon’s prominent gospel acts is Gospel Duo-MJ Klan. Read through, as you get to know more about them; who they are, what they do, why they do what they do, and what they have been up to.

MJ Klan is a vision which was founded by two individuals, “MADY LERAKINZ” alias “Mady” (female) and J CHRIS (male). Both artists had been solo gospel ministers prior to the birth of the vision-late 2013. MJ Klan initially represented “Mady and Joel Klan” but as well represents a community of people.

In 2017, God instructed them to change the meaning to “Morning Joy” klan which they did.
MJ Klan is much bigger than the two performing and ministering artists you see, there are currently over 70 members (ministers in singing, dancing, instrumentation and many more) in the klan all under the mentorship, leadership and training of the two main artists.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit, one of MJ-Klan’s assignment is to revolutionize  the mindset of the church and believers. Most believers still believe that, Gospel music should always be the slow, hands lifted to heaven kind of worship, or dance able praise with every 2 out of 5 words now and then being Jesus or Holy spirit.
Mady of MJ Klan
According to the gospel duo, Some believers actually don’t sing Gospel music which is not in one of these molds. The word Gospel means good news, and thus God instructed them to change the mindset of people in that, any genre, any brand of music that the good news of Christ is brought to us is acceptable.
We sing Gospel because God is the center of our everything. It is because of Him alone that we can do all we do.
Among 8 official released songs and 25 unrecorded songs ranging from worship to praise songs; are two of their most trending songs “Nwenye Nwe” and “For Everything.” Both available on YouTube.
The aim of our ministry is to impact
Both artists believe gospel music is only a success when it comes with testimonies as result.
Among amazing testimonies from their ministrations is a call they received from a lady based in Britain, who knew God exists but for some reasons, did not acknowledge him. The lady testified that; she came to realization of God’s Father-Heart towards her, after streaming two of the duo’s Facebook video clips.
I didnt actually believe that Gospel music could sound like that. I have followed all your works on YouTube and Facebook since then and I am ready to surrender my self back to God and sing Gospel music for His glory
J Chris of MJ Klan
As music mentors and life coaches, the duo has a few words for gospel artists; some of them can be seen below!
To every upcoming/ emerging gospel artist out there:
  • Put Jesus at the center of ministry.
  • Do not compare yourself to others, and by that we mean don’t compare your progress to others and this is explained in the third point.
  • Understand there is a process  you must trust and enjoy, for God takes us all through a preparatory process.
It varies from assignment to assignment. Some go through theirs for years while some weeks.. God is the master architect. The impact however is not the same. You can’t compare the durability of a palm tree with that of a maize plant. Maize may be planted the same time as a palm-nut, but the maize will grow faster, produce seeds and die. So many maize generations will pass all during which time the palm tree is not yet ready. However, once the palm tree is ready, it stays for more than 300 maize generations. So we must understand as gospel artists, what kind of seeds we are, then trust our formation process.
  •  lastly, you must understand the value of humility. Bible says pride goes before a “MIGHTY” not just ordinary but mighty fall, and it further says God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. >>Listen to their recent song here!<<
MJ Klan
Gospel Duo-MJ Klan debuted their first music project-December 2014.

Background On The Project

It was a studio album of worship, praise and celebration, done in Spanish. According to MJ Klan, It wasn’t as successful as they had hoped. It takes patience and time to build great pillars and walls. It’s all about understanding seasons and times and God has taught us that a lot. It wasn’t until this year, 2018, that they finally shot the first video from that album four years later. The video is titled “I love you.”
After releasing another  video clip last year-“for everything.” TheGospel Duo-MJ Klan is currently working on another video.
Releasing their first album, Gospel Duo-MJ Klan decides to release a couple of singles before their next studio album.
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