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Thursday, 17 August 2017

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “I Am Called To Do What I Do, Gospel Music Is An Unction” ~ Ada Ehi | @AdaEhi

Ada Ehi

More excerpts from Ada Meets Media which took place 2017.
Ada shared the story behind the songs; ‘I Testify‘ and ‘Only You Jesus,‘ revealing that the song ‘I Testify‘ actually dropped in her spirit during a church service, while Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was preaching.
Ada went on to add that the song came at a point where she was full of gratitude to God for everything he had taken her through.
” First of all, these songs come from very deep places. Every song has a story and for the song ‘I testify’, I was in a place were I was full of gratitude for my life.
The song came at a time I was in a particular service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome preaching. Suddenly, the music started coming into my spirit and I heard the words “I have come with stories to tell” and that’s how it came.”
Speaking about the song ‘Only You Jesus,‘ she also revealed that the song came during a season of warfare and it was a song the Holy Spirit taught her.
“For the song “Only You Jesus’ I was in a period of warfare in my life so that was the song the spirit of God taught me and Praise God everyone is singing it everywhere compared to the other songs.”
She explained further that the song speaks about the resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead, adding that the rhythm of the song has an African vibe attached to it.
“The song talks about the resurrection power. The bible talks about the power of the resurrection, If that same power that raised Christ from the dead, dwells in you, it will vitalise and quicken you, give life to your mortal bodies.”
The rhythm of the song is very African, we had to bring it back home to Nigeria. The video was shot in Ikeja Lagos. We portrayed typical situations in the video; lack of jobs, crisis in every sphere of life and how God has the power to step in.”
She expressed her joy, indicating that God has been good to her and she is grateful for where He is taking her to.
“Looking at my life, at where God has brought me from and where he is taking me to, I am full of testimonies. I am grateful for My life, friends, children and my ministry.
I am full of gratitude for the vision God has given me and the capacity and the ability to do it.”
Ada went on to elaborate on her videos and the creativity behind them.
“For the story behind the video of “I Testify,” I wanted to portray every phase of life; men, women, married couples, music ministers, children and even the media. 
The song basically states that every one has a testimony. If you look closely at your life, you will see the signature of God and you will testify. I wanted something that will inspire people, that will bring about joy, togetherness and gratitude.”
During the course of the interview, Ada Ehi was asked why she chose to go into Gospel music, despite being a beautiful woman and having a strong voice.
Ada responded, stating boldly that she was called to do it.
” Very importantly, I am called to do what I do. Gospel music is an unction, it is a calling. Gospel music is the theme. People do Rap, Reggae and Hip-pop but the theme is what makes the difference. It has to do with what you are singing about.
I always say that even if I wasn’t called, I would still go into Gospel music. If I have 5 minutes of your time I must leave you with something that should give you life.”
She explained that her goal is simply to affect the lives of men and women positively, she buttressed her point stating that her music is targeted towards giving a sense of direction to those who are confused and giving life to those who are oppressed.
“You could be on the hospitable bed, or in a very tight corner but if you have 5 minutes to listen to Ada Ehi’s songs just before you make the next decision.
That 5 minutes should help you make the right decision that would influence your integrity and push you in the right path and create the right atmosphere.”
Ada Ehi went on to speak about the importance of the presence of God, noting that miracles can only be manifested when the atmosphere is filled with God’s presence.
She then pointed out that, this is the level she wants to operate in, whereby her music showcases the presence of God and through that people can receive their miracle.
“If the Spirit of God has to move in a place, the atmosphere has to be right. When the presence of God becomes tangible, the miraculous becomes inevitable.
So, I would like to make music that will make the presence of God tangible so that you can receive whatever miracle, inspiration and drive you need for the next phase.”
Ada Eyi’s videos have brought a level of creativity and quality to a whole new level. According to the compere; Chris llems, Ada has changed the face of Gospel music as a whole.
“Ada Ehi’s videos are the kind you would want to watch over and over again. It is a great departure from what we used to see in our Gospel scenes back in the day, where you see men and women tying wrapper and then they do the same choreography.
This led to people questioning the creativity of Christians, despite the glaring fact that they are supposed to be the hub of creativity, but thankfully, Ada Ehi has brought that back!”
Chris llems couldn’t have said it better. The I Overcame video is proof that there is stopping for Ada, as she continues to release not just anointed songs, but powerful expressions of these songs through videos.
Gospelhints media celebrates and congratulates Ada Ehi on her newest release. We pray that God continues to give her unique and unusual ideas that will change the world in Jesus name.
Official website:http://www.adaehi.com/

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