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Saturday, 5 November 2016


Hello Fam this week we gat you...  MUCH MORE a Nigeria gospel artist.......

James : GOOD MORNING sir whats the name?

Much more : Am Nicholas Omueti stage name muchmore

James : Can you explain a little about the name much more?

Much more : Ok actually muchmore is a name which when normally pronounce its brings to your understanding that plenty or many of something is needed or demanded of .....so It like much more of the gospel yaa.

James : How did you started gospel music. Did you start as a secular artist or what?

Much more : I did not start as an secular art I was in a gospel concert when I gave my life to Christ and I saw some gospel art ministered that was the first time I heard gospel hiphop muzik 2013.tomcamp born fire.

 James : So how many projects have you done sir?Much more : My first song I mine single was dropped June 2016 and that my only song for now. L. O. V. E

 james: What was the song all about sir?

Much more : Its was all about Things people dedicate     . self here on earth saying the love I was trying to let's them no on the verse to of the song that all the money ladies and degrees are or vanity and God is the only one we can give 100% form of love we no regret in return.

James : How do you want your Fam to look at you?Much more : As an art who don't pleaz man but God  I won't dress to church for my pastor or minister to be happy I dress how its plccz me   I don't have hause cloth, market cloth and visiting cloth what I were to church is what I we were anywhere..

James : So how do you write your songs sir?

Much more : I do have chorus before writing song of my and on the road skull at home or in the market I chorus can pop into me and artimes I dream and sing in the dream and when am awake I stell reminber the song so when the chorus is set I no put down some verse.

James : So what your difficulties in your ministry sir?

Much more : Mostly money because the are many thing I do like doing but their is no money bro we still praying hard men.

James : Which church do you belong to?


Much more : Methodist church nigeria.

James : Do they accept your music style as a rapper?

Much more : Yes fully

James : What inspired you as an artist?

Much more : I always study more because people look up to me and am happy knowing more.

James : Which gospel rapper is your mentol?

Much more : Da truth.

James : Grateful to know this. Before I take leave of you, any message for your fans; or people of this world at large?

Much more : I we say to them We ain't doing the gospel because the are many gospel stage for us to climb or because we no many of our friends who do the gospel we were nt  force to do this if u ain't fet then leave thank u.

James : Any shouts to any persons; groups?

Much more : First to my boss ariwakroos L.k testatu Kezman and lemmy To my hommie lil lmizzy and Jeremy.

James : On behalf of the whole gospelhints family, I’m so grateful for the time spent to have this done. We are very happy to have you; we would also look out for your videos and throw out all our support. Having you mean so much to us… That’s our ministry. We are hoping to do more projects together; for Christ sake.

Much more : Thanks men..

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