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Saturday, 26 November 2016


Hello this week we got you a wonderful interview from LILMIZZY aka da christstarboy...

HARRY : Good morning sir. What the name sir...

 LILMIZZY : Am James adole but know as lilmizzy aka d christstarboy.

 HARRY : sir can you please tell us about the coming of the name and a little info about you sir...

LILMIZZY : lilmizzy is a word that means hardword... And am doing the gospel putting all effort to it.. Am the C. E. O of christstarboymusic. And one of the CO founder of R. F. O. C..  royal family of Christ..

HARRY : how did you get into the gospel sir?

 LILMIZZY : I got into the gospel by watching gospel songs and rap on tv. And the most that inspired me was my brother... MGP.. machine gun preacher..

HARRY : when did you start gospel music?

LILMIZZY : i started music at 14,  and push true because my friends were calling me B. K  beat king...

HARRY : what type of music do you minister?

LILMIZZY : I mostly do CHH Christian hip-hop music..

HARRY : how do you get lyrics before writing your music?

LILMIZZY : music is all about creativity but gospel music is all about speaking the words of Christ by creative means.. I read the bible to get my hooks and songs..

 HARRY : how many songs have you done so far?

LILMIZZY : i have done about 10 songs some are freestyle and featured tracks..

 HARRY : do you have any album or project?

 LILMIZZY : I was supposed to drop a 5track EP  titled WON'T STOP EP... but I am changing it to WON'T STOP LP... by the grace of God it dropping June 12 .2017. That my birthday..

HARRY : we want you to tell us the song you did titled PEACE.. that you featured MGP and FAYWIZ.. why did you do that song what inspired you?

LILMIZZY : you know from 2015 to 2016 alot of fighting and killing happened and it's among us the people of the world... So i did the song to reduce the pain and anger people are trying to use over their fellow humans... DOWNLOAD

 HARRY : Which church  do you attend sir?

 LILMIZZY : am a full time member of shelter of Glory..

HARRY : do your church accept your style of music?

LILMIZZY : the church support my style of music..

HARRY : so what do you have to tell your fans and people worldwide?

LILMIZZY : believe in God and were you find yourself today.. Tomorrow will be different ... And God bless the people that listen to my songs, that download my songs and broadcast my songs...

HARRY : any shout out any group of people or family?

LILMIZZY : first of all i love you mum.. And shout out  my one and only bro MGP.  SPILLZ, LIMOBLAZE, DAD, AND MY MANAGER.. Mr Abah richking.. And shout out christstarboymusic.. Bengin Benzadrine...

 HARRY : we want to say thanks for having you here sir.. And continue doing God's work....On behalf of the whole gospelhints family, I’m so grateful for the time spent to have this done. We are very happy to have you; we would also look out for your videos and throw out all our support.Having you mean so much to us… That’s our ministry. We are hoping to do more projects together; for Christ sake

.LILMIZZY : thanks and God bless you Gospelhint for the love and support..

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