The Avengers have faced incredible threats over the years, but there's one they never stood a chance of defeating. Thankfully, he decided to leave Earth without a fight. But now that he's returned--with a dark, villainous mission--Marvel's Universe may be in serious danger.
When Black Panther debuted his Agents of Wakanda in The Avengers #12, it seemed a long overdue idea: as the smartest, most peaceful, and technologically advanced leader on planet Earth, why wouldn't T'Challa lead the new version of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Unfortunately, fans didn't get much time with the team before The War of The Realms broke out. But now they've returned in their very own series, with Black Panther and The Agents of Wakanda #1 throwing them into the deep end. Their first assignment? The return of The Sentry... and he's not happy.