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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Hello fam, this is another week. Guess who we’ve got you this week. He’s JEREMY AKA MADSKILL.

FRANK : Good morning sir

 JEREMY : Good morning to you as well..

 FRANK: What is the name sir?

 Jeremy: Jeremy Asikai Mgbede

 FRANK: Okay wonderful

FRANK: Whats the meaning of Asikai?

 Jeremy: It's An instrument for music

 FRANK: Waoo great one

FRANK: So what do you do for the lord sir?

Jeremy: am an artist in his house.... And am a prophetic drummer

 FRANK: Okay great

 FRANK: Lets move to the main topic of the day.....what kind of music do you make?

Jeremy: I'm a hip-hop/afro pop artiste...

 FRANK: Okay

 FRANK: Great sir

 Jeremy: Thank you

 FRANK: So what is the Challenge in the music ?

 Jeremy: Generally or on a personal note?

 FRANK: Yeah personal note

 Jeremy: Well I don't really see what I want to say as a challenge.... Well it's school trying to balance it with the music and all gets tough at times but it'll balance and I'll be done with school in some years time and I'll be fully devoted to my music

FRANK: Okay great sir

FRANK: So tell your fams how you started the music life?

 Jeremy: Heheh

  Jeremy: I started way back in ss2, I was in a boarding school i used to mimic other artists and some of my classmates mocked me...

 FRANK: Waoo great export

 FRANK: So have you worked on any studio project so far?

 Jeremy: Yeah my first mix tape album.But there's been a couple of singles from way back

 FRANK: Okay great

FRANK: Can you give us some few names of songs you recorded and featured artists?

 Jeremy: Well I didn't feature any artist on my precious works.... Just a few on my soon to come mix tape album....but for the singles I've dropped they are

I won't give it up
16barz ain't enough
ID card
Chineke Otuto
And I had a collaboration with Tchris titled he loves me

FRANK: Great work

FRANK: So tell us about your soon coming album and lunching date?
 Jeremy: Yeah

My mix tape album is titled BAD.. The chronicles mix tape... BAD is an acronym for Born Again Dude....and the chronicles is actually stuffs that have happened since I became a Born Again Dude and in the order they happened

It's a 13track album with extra songs as bonus

 The launch is on the 20th of August @lush events tent center here in benue state.... Tickets for the events are on sale already

 Regular tickets go for 200naira only and VIP tickets go for 500naira only

FRANK: Waoo great one sir

 FRANK: So are you in any form of music band or record label?

 Jeremy: Yeah I am

 FRANK: Whats the name?

  Jeremy: Delightz music/christstarboy music

 FRANK: Okay

 FRANK: Are you in any form of relationship? Or marriage?

 Jeremy: NO SPOIL MY TEA FOR ME  Lol I thought this was about the music??


 FRANK: Okay

 Jeremy: Yeah

 FRANK: So what will you like to tell upcoming artistS across the world?

 Jeremy: I just got three words for every artist out there BELIEVE, PERSEVERE, COMMITMENT


FRANK: So wil you like to give shoutout some people ? Now is the time sir

Jeremy: Both hands in the air to everyone keeping it real out there and everybody supporting my music

 And to the boy and girl out there trying to make it through school and to the parents out there putting their kids through school

 FRANK: Okay

 FRANK: So how do you feel to be hosted by gospelhints media?

 Jeremy: This is actually my first interview on air so I feel privileged

 FRANK: Okay sir

  FRANK : On behalf of the whole gospelhints family, I’m so grateful for the time spent to have this done. We are very happy to have you; we would also look out for your videos and throw out all our support. Having you mean so much to us… That’s our ministry. We are hoping to do more projects together; for Christ sake.

 Jeremy : thanks and God bless you Gospelhints for the love and support..


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