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Tuesday, 18 October 2016


 Hello fam, this is another week. Guess who we’ve got you this week. He’s LP LEKINGSON  from the southern part of Cameroon(Limbe)...

 JAMES: Good morning sir what the name?

  LP LEKINGSON: Blessed morning to you; my name is Nkengbu Bordrin, and I go by the stage name LP Lekingson

 JAMES: OK.. Whats the meaning  of LP lekingson?...

 LP LEKINGSON: LP is a self-made acronym meaning: Lyrical Prophet, and Lekingson means: the King's son...

  JAMES: Good.. Sir we like you  to tell your Fams  where u are from?

  LP LEKINGSON: Yeah, sure... Well, I'm from the southern part of Cameroon(Limbe)..

JAMES: It's  OK good.. Are u a gospel  rapper  or a vocalist?
  LP LEKINGSON: I'm actually much of a rapper, and less of a vocalist...

  JAMES: Perfect... How did you start music?  Did you start as a secular artists or gospel?

  LP LEKINGSON: Well, I  started music as every kid, just when I was  11 years old you know, lol... But as time went on, I got to realise it was more than just fantasising. Music became something I could connect and relate to Then I wasn't born again. I fell in love with Jesus  along the way, and since 2013, I've been repping gospel...

  JAMES: Nice.... How did you  encounter  Christ ?

  LP LEKINGSON: Yes, I must start by saying: me encountering Christ, still amazes me up till date. Well as I can recall, being unsaved, I had fear for God somehow, but I never knew there was something more than just fearing God... So at that time, use to view Emmanuel TV, and as time went on, I realised I had to burn down my idols, n get into relationship with God.  I was never privileged to have someone tell me about the love of God, and how He was so willing to get into relationship with me... I must say the Spirit of God was doing the job in me... So on a Sunday, I went to Church, and an a baptismal announcement was given. I met the elder and told him I wished to be baptized, though I had not attended any class on baptism... So he gave me an opportunity, I got baptized days after, And a new life began...

  JAMES: Ok... How many projects do you have sir? 

LP LEKINGSON: None actually... This is my first professional project I'm putting out... My music journey has been more of local shows, local featurings, and song writing

  JAMES: Ok.. What the name of the project you are putting out?

LP LEKINGSON: Its my debut  audio single, and it is titled "E no Easy "...

JAMES: How do you want people to think of you as an artist?

  LP LEKINGSON: Hmmm, I can't really determine how people should think of me.  I don't just want people to be stereotype about me, or my arts, cuz I'm a versatile type, I love changes, u know;  exploring music.. But one thing is certain, its Jesus all the way... Staying true and keeping it real with the Gospel. Also, I'm that artist who translates his life experiences in music, I don't preach Jesus to people, I show them Jesus, that's it So don't expect me quoting scriptures, hahahahaha...

JAMES:hahaha..... What are your inspiration Or motivation?

 LP LEKINGSON: Much of my inspiration come from my life experiences, my journey with God, my encounters  with people,  my journey with the family, my observation on the community... Its just so amaze to see how the Holy Spirit is able to help me translate these inspirations into arts...

 JAMES: Do you have someone you look up to as a mentor?

  LP LEKINGSON: Yes, I do, he is one of Cameroon's best producers, singer/ rapper... He goes with stage name Edi Ledrae..

  JAMES: Grateful to know this. Before I take leave of you, any message for your fans; or people of this world at large?

 LP LEKINGSON: Yeah, I will first love to encourage everyone in the struggle, no matter how hard things might look, always know there is a God who See's and cares... And all u gotta do is just wait and believe! Never compromise for anything, stay true to who u are and what you do... And always remember to let your light so shine, that when they see your good works,  they will glorify Father God. #LGBP.

JAMES: Any shouts to any persons; groups?

 LP LEKINGSON: *Shout out to ma team #TEAM_LGBP, shout out to all those supporting the movement... Shout out to ma people at  808 Nation. Not forgetting the team at GospelHints, I'm humbled for this interview. Shout out to y'all keepin' it one hunnid with the faith #LGBP*

  JAMES: On behalf of the whole gospelhints family, I’m so grateful for the time spent to have this done. We are very happy to have you; we would also look out for your videos and throw out all our support. Having you mean so much to us… That’s our ministry. We are hoping to do more projects together; for Christ sake.

  LP LEKINGSON: I'm humbled and grateful for you making out time for me, its a prove u believe in my arts  Sure... It will be an honor for me to work with the team here at Gospel Hints...

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